The Value of Collecting Art

Art has been collected for centuries, but is it right for you?

We break down the top 10 reasons why we believe everyone should be collecting art; you decide if it's right for you!

  1. Emotional Investment
    Artists often use their art as a way to visually depict feelings and emotions that they can't express with words. Collectors often do the same when building a collection of artwork and may not even realize it.

    Curating an art collection is the ultimate form of self-expression. By choosing the pieces that speak to you, we can guarantee that your art is priceless! As your collection begins to grow, you will still feel a close tie to each individual piece of art if you follow this process.

    Be forewarned, sometimes the hardest part about investing in art is that you may never want to let it go!
    Here Comes The Sun provides a beautiful blend of colors, just as the sun does on a new day! Adam Starr does a great job of representing self-expression in this piece.

  2. Build a Collection, Tell Your Story
    As your collection grows, watch the story unfold. Your artwork will almost feel like an extension of who you are. When friends come to visit, you'll find them asking questions about the art. You'll be glad to rant about your favorite artist, or that trip you took, or another reason you chose that piece and soon be lost in discussion. You might even find yourself convincing them to buy their own artwork instead of yours!

  3. Grow with the Artists & Get to Know Them
    Most artists are glad to answer any questions you may have before buying and will stay in touch with you post-purchase, offering a unique chance to connect with them. Often, collectors and artists will feel a strong connection with one another, as art is an expression of emotion. Soon you may find yourself in a lifelong friendship, blossoming with the career of a star in the making. You'll be happy to know that you contributed and will share the joy and rewards of their success!

  4. Own a Piece of History
    Different art forms have been around since the beginning of time and have been passed down among the centuries. Even when time has erased the physical, nothing can erase the mark and styles artists have left on history. By collecting a piece of contemporary art, you give yourself the chance to own the next Mona Lisa. Maybe not, but worst case scenario you're left with a piece of art you'll love and cherish for a lifetime.

  5. Originality
    By collecting a piece of original artwork, you make the space uniquely yours. Who wants to have the same art piece from IKEA or Walmart that their neighbor has? Not me! Use art in the home to extend your self-expression and have fun with it! You'll begin to understand the difference in a house and a home.

  6. Thrill of the Search
    You never understand the thrill of searching for original artwork until you do it yourself. After hours of research, or maybe just listening to the heart, you'll know when you've found the one. At that moment, nothing else matters. You rush to get your wallet; this must be mine! Exhilarating.

  7. Love to Learn
    One of the best parts about the art market is that everything is based on an individual's perceived value. Something of high value to you could be worthless to someone else. Information on past monetary value and perceived future value are important factors in the art world; speculation is everything. Although information has been hard to find in the past, modern technologies like the blockchain have offered a solution for efficient price tracking.

  8. Portfolio Diversity - Low Risk Investment
    If you speak to any successful investor, nearly all of them would recommend diversifying your portfolio. Simply put, this means that you should not have all of your money tied up in any one company or sector.

    Collecting contemporary art offers investors a unique angle to approach the traditional stock market, as the art market seems to have decoupled and formed it's own trends. Over the past 25 years, the market has consistently outperformed other major indexes such as the S&P 500, Real Estate, and Gold.

    Comparison of performance for Contemporary Art, S&P 500, Real Estate, and Gold from 1995-2021

    In high inflationary periods collectors often view art as a hedge against inflation thanks to the artwork's strong appreciation. This is because your art holds its value regardless of local or global economic conditions.

    Average appreciation of contemporary art pieces compared to other tradional investments from 1945-2021. We can't guarantee that the value of your piece will skyrocket, but choose a piece that's meant for you and you'll value it for a lifetime.

  9. Digital Marketplaces & New Opportunity
    Thanks to new technologies, the art world is changing at a rapid rate. Together, we are forming a marketplace that's more beneficial to both artists and collectors, making for exciting new times that are filled with opportunity!

    This new technology allows collectors to OWN an immutable piece of art on the blockchain, consider this your receipt of authenticity! As the artwork is bought and sold, the "receipt" is updated with the sales prices and is available for the public to view at any time. This makes researching the value of a piece of art much easier to track and provides proof of ownership for the collector.

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