About Us

Our Vision

TRVL Creative originated in the fall of 2021 with one vision in mind, transforming travel and culture through our fine art & photography. 

We believe that each nation beholds its own unique beauties and traditions. By providing an opportunity for Creatives to share their adventures with you and highlighting positivity around our planet, we aim to inspire travelers, smash stereotypes, and unite the world. A picture's worth a thousand words, which of ours speak to you? 

Directly support your favorite Creatives by taking a look through their lens and bringing their art to your doorstep or pack your bags and immerse yourself in the scene with the help of one of our certified travel agents.

Why TRVL Creative?


We strive to be different from other creative platforms, by creating a true sense of community. By staying in constant communication with each of our Creatives and clients, we give them the opportunity to get involved first-hand and provide feedback on everything TRVL. We work to provide a community that is mutually beneficial for everyone, providing a truly unique opportunity to directly support your favorite emerging artists and explore the world!


All images used to develop and create your artwork were shot by professional photographers and were finely edited by the TRVL Creative team to ensure there was no loss in clarity during production. All work will be printed with premium inks, at a minimum of 330 DPI to ensure optimal printing results and intensify the art's natural look.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we stand for - we love our planet! Our artwork is produced on demand at numerous locations around the world, so that we are able to operate globally, yet locally. By doing so, we are able to drastically reduce waste and mitigate our carbon footprint.


We are thrilled to be partnered with Give Back to Nature and will be donating 10% of every sale towards the environment. These proceeds will be split among efforts to help plant trees in areas that have been ravaged by deforestation and clean up the plastic polluting our oceans. With every purchase, you can proudly say you are doing your part to promote a happier, healthier world! 

Meet the Owner

Hey everybody, I'm Evan Frische. As the individual owner of TRVL Creative, I am very excited about the next chapter and working with you to transform the way the world views the creative scene and travel as a whole! 

There are thousands of creators around the world that are greatly underappreciated, undervalued, and often left undiscovered. My personal goal is to make sure that those hidden gems are never left uncovered and that artists worldwide get the glory they deserve, all while inspiring you to see the world!

Professional headshot of TRVL Creative owner and travel agent Evan Frische