How does TRVL Creative help modern creatives?
    • We provide a marketplace for creatives to express themselves and share their work with a global audience. A portion of each sale is sent to the creative at the end of the month. Our goal is to eliminate the business aspect from their workload, allowing them to continue creating to their full potential. No distractions!
      Do you offer international shipping?
        • Yes, of course we TRVL! We even offer FREE shipping to our customers in Europe, Canada, and Australia.
      How long will it take for me to receive my product?
        • Customers in America can expect a 1-3 day processing period and another 5-10 business days for shipping.
        • International processing times remain 1-3 days, but shipping times may increase to 7-14 business days.
      I received my order, but it was missing some of the items?
        • We have products produced by multiple different suppliers to ensure the best quality for all products. You should be receiving another package shortly. Check your email to see if you have received multiple tracking codes.
      Is my product eligible for return?
        • TRVL Creative will only accept returns within 28 days of receipt and if we have made a mistake with your order or the product is damaged.
        • All customized products are ineligible for return unless otherwise stated.
        • Please refer to our Shipping Policy for further questions.
      I'm checking out, why won't it let me select a shipping option?
        • It seems the product isn't available in your region. Try again or reach out for further questions/clarification.
      What are your accepted payment methods?
        • We accept payments through all major credit card providers. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay. 
      What is Shop Pay?
        • Shop Pay is an alternative payment method that we offer at checkout. It allows you to break down your payment into separate installments, so that the full cost of the product is not charged at purchase.
        How can I become a Creative?
          • Interested in joining the team? Please send us a message through the Contact page requesting further information. We appreciate your interest and will provide further details on the application process ASAP!