Christian Ross

Every moment you experience in your lifetime is a product of how and when you got there, mixed with what happened in the world around you, to yield that which exists in front of you. How many people will see what you see? The simple beauty of a moment that would otherwise be lost in time is what I capture and portray in my work.

My name is Christian Ross and I love to create. I found peace and passion in film during the pandemic when I, like many others, needed an emotional release and connection. Photography gave me a creative outlet to explore my passions and emotions. It started out as a distraction for my mind and turned into the awakening of my creative spirit.

Growing up in Kansas City, I loved exploring the details of the streets. With friends and fellow creatives, I explored abandoned buildings, street art, and historical KC sites. I followed this concept to Chicago, where winter elements shine bright among the skyscrapers. I then moved to Denver in May 2021 to seek out nature shots. I find beauty in both natural and man-made subjects. Sharing the scenes I happen upon keeps my soul alive. I hope you enjoy the moments I've shared with you!