Leaving the Shrine

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Fushimi Inari Taisha is Kyoto’s most important Shinto shrine and has been an incredibly popular spot among tourists for quite some time now. It is famed for its thousands of vermillion gates, which wind their way up the sacred Mount Inari. 

I had seen these shrines all over Instagram and needed to make sure I had a chance to visit before leaving Kyoto. The size, quantity, and sheer beauty of these gates put me into a trance. The detailed writing on the gates as you walk through them piqued my curiosity, and the light shining between each structure drew me in further and further. I spent a lot of time walking through this shrine and had to be very patient to capture this photo without the crowds. It was even busier than I imagined, but it didn’t take away from the shrine's magic.

Creative - Ben Bardsley Ball