Crystal Lens Balls

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Add another element to your photography.

Hit the streets or roam the forests and have yourself a day with the TRVL lens balls. Our lens balls are perfect for adding a bit of flare and re-igniting lost passion by bringing a little bit of entertainment back to your work. See what fun and unique photo compositions you can come up with. A great option for both beginners and professionals, making it a wonderful gift for any photographer!

Not a Photographer?

Not a photographer? Add a crystal or wooden base and make our crystal ball the next addition to your home decor. Clear crystal is often considered an aid to emotional stability and enhances mental clarity, making it a wonderful addition to any room or workspace.


  • K9 Crystal - guaranteed to be bubble and scratch free, without any color distortion
  • Crystal and wooden bases available
  • Small - 40mm
  • Medium - 60mm
  • Large - 80mm
  • Extra Large - 100mm