Sunset in Sing Buri

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Sing Buri, Thailand

Back in 2018, my girlfriend and I began a trip that left an everlasting impact on us. We spent 4 months backpacking around South East Asia, with a large portion of that time spent in the endlessly beautiful Thailand. During that time, I was able to stretch my wings as a photographer and turn my camera to some of the most wonderful sights that nature has to offer. After a few days in the dizzying, sensory overload of Bangkok, we headed to Sing Buri, 140km North of the Thai capital. We stayed for one night in a cabin that stretched over this lake. Detoxing from the madness that was Bangkok to the sounds of frogs, crickets, and a range of other animals we would get far more acquainted with over the coming months. As the sun began to set, I took a stroll around the lake and bathed in the wet, sticky heat, which was slowly cooling as night approached. I then set up my tripod, which took up most of my backpack, and took this shot.

Creative - Ben Bardsley Ball